- whats this?

MOBA-games are great. Since League of Legends the genre grows and grows, millions of players fight with and against eachother and enjoy the action, the teamplay and the fun.

Even this descriptions shows the importance of the other players for your game - as well for winning as for fun. Unfortunately, the huge LoL community has grown in two different ways. Some just want to win, they hunt their enemys allover the maps, punish every little mistake of them and every facecheck will be answered with a roundhousekick. Other players dont necessary need to win and try to find new ways of having fun with this game.

This groups dont like each other for 100%, thats why from time to time little flamewars become the more important element of the game. This is were wants to help you. If you dont need ELO levels to have fun in a game, and if you're relaxed enough to make a few more clicks between two games, you may like this website. We would like to bring people together, who think fun is more important than a win. Register yourself, join other groups or open one yourself.